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I’m Anne, a writer, full-time mama, and striving hope-giver determined to fill up life with meaningful moments and spread encouragement along the way.

Make yourself at home. I’m happy you’re here! 

A few years ago…

I stopped chasing “normal” when I realized that sharing my life with severe anxiety meant keeping life quiet and simple.

The crazy part: it wasn’t until I let go of it, that I realized “normal” wasn’t really worth reaching for in the first place.

Life conveniently (and brutally) grew the distance between normal and me even further when last fall I unexpectedly spent almost four weeks in a rehabilitation hospital learning how to walk again. I didn’t have a major accident or suffer a serious injury. There was actually nothing wrong with my muscles (or bones) at all. They just stopped getting the messages from my brain to, well, work.

Officially it’s called conversion disorder or Functional Neurological Disorder (FND, for short). Unofficially it’s the thing in my life right now that’s pushing me to be stronger, braver, and better… I hope.

I spent over 8 weeks in physical therapy (first inpatient, then outpatient) getting my body and brain working together again. With crutches still in hand and two little ones underfoot, it’s a journey that’s keeping me on my toes :)

I’m optimistic that the crutches (and sometimes walker) are only temporary, but for now I’m grateful for the independence they give me. Everyday that I’m home, free of a wheelchair, and able to take care of my kids (and myself!) feels like a blessing.

I share more about this experience and give heartfelt encouragement in my 7-day email series, the Hope Letters. You can read more about the Hope Letters and sign up for free here.

What’s Simplicity Avenue all about?

In a sentence, it’s about the road to refocusing on what matters most.

I envision this ever-changing avenue (I’m a visual person, what can I say?!) – a road and journey, rather than a destination – toward creating the very best life I have in me. Perfection not included!

A life that’s less about being like everyone else and more about being my truest self (and accepting the me I am right now).

A life that’s bright with hope, even when things get hard or sad or lonely.

A life that’s less about existing and more about purpose-filled living.

A life that’s full of simple moments, small changes, and intentional choices that all add up to one meaningful, extraordinary life.

Simplicity at its best :)

Because I believe that we create the life we live.

I’m discovering this road isn’t always easy or perfect. It’s filled with ups and downs, bumps and divots. And I can guarantee I’m even more imperfect than the road is.

But I write here to share my thoughts and experiences, maybe inspire, definitely encourage, and ultimately, spread some hope into the world.

Because what I’ve learned so far – within each of us is the ability to change, to choose, to progress. And despite the obstacles, this journey is SO worth it!

You’ve got this!

If you’re ready to live life to the fullest, one ordinary moment at a time, I’d love to send you a free copy of my digital guidebook, This Moment Matters: 10 days of savoring the simple things.

You’ll receive a beautiful, easy to access pdf full of journal prompts, mini-challenges, and motivational messages designed to help you find joy and purpose right where you are (plus a printable workbook to go with it).

Just type in your email address and I’ll send it right over :)

Other tidbits about me

I talk with emotion and I type with :( and :) and !… I can’t help it!

Ten years ago I talked my husband into marrying me; I’m pretty sure he doesn’t regret it! :) He’s definitely my better half and truly makes my life happy.

Five years later we added a little boy to our family and four years after that a miracle baby girl. Who knew your capacity to love only grows when you have kids.

Typography, color, and all things design-y are a passion of mine; I’ve been designing, in some way or another, for almost 15 years – side jobs, a “real” job, and on my own.

I believe we are loved and watched over, always.

A pair of comfy jammies + an episode of Star Trek = the cure for any bad day

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a happily ever after, and I’m convinced that true love is the most powerful thing in the world.

And oh yeah, I have a thing for fun, colorful socks (or flip flops, depending on the weather). I’ve decided they’re the perfect splash of happy to any outfit!

Say hi

Feel free to send me a note here. I’d love to hear from you!

You can also connect with me by joining the This Moment Matters project or following me on Pinterest.


Thanks for spending some time here.

I hope your visit leaves you feeling filled with hope.