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5 journal prompts to help you set goals from your heart and spark change that matters.

Don’t just set goals. Build dreams.

15 minutes of stretching daily Give Simplicity Avenue a new, updated look Compile family photos into a book for the kids Complete our 72 hour kits Go camping as a family I made this list last year cuddled in blankets watching snow fall outside. The Christmas flurry was over and...

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Bring new meaning to traditions (or anything, really) with this simple mindset shift. I'm loving it!

A fresh take on traditions

This year, our family’s Christmas season started with a phone call the night before Thanksgiving. “Surprise! I’m coming home and setting the Christmas tree up tonight!” My husband always calls me when he’s finished at work and on his way home, but he NEVER puts up...

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Love is so much more than the words we say | by Anne McOmber at SimplicityAvenue.com

A four-word lesson on love

As a mom who's world seems to revolve around my growing boy, I'd like to think I play a part in teaching him and guiding him. After all, the little person I'm watching take shape right in front of my eyes surely reflects the lessons and principles...

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Regardless of your schedule, circumstances, or responsibilities, life fills up fast. And the things that matter most will get as much time as we give them. | by Anne at www.SimplicityAvenue.com

Life fills up fast

If you know my little Shadyn, you know I’ve been blessed with a toddler who’s a really good sleeper. Even at almost 3 ½-years-old my little guy still loves (and SO needs) to sleep. So every afternoon, we head into his bedroom to cuddle and read...

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