How having an uncooperative body has changed me as a mom, wife, and human - Simplicity Avenue
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When was the last time you let go of the rush and surrendered to the moment?

How having an uncooperative body has changed me as a mom, wife, and human

I didn’t always rely on crutches (or a walker or a wheelchair). But with a broken connection between my brain and body and the unpredictable disorder it’s caused by, I do now. My steps are slower than they used to be. And my life seems to be following suit.

Out of necessity my to-do list is shrinking. And my list of things I can physically participate in is shrinking even faster.

Yet as much as I wrestle with discouragement from the ups and downs of my limitations, through my slow pace I’m uncovering something freeing. Something truly beautiful.


You can read my full article over at The Life On Purpose Movement where I recently shared my thoughts on living with an uncooperative body which inevitably means living slowly… because it’s hard to rush when you can’t, well, rush. If it’s been a while since you’ve slowed your pace, surrendered to the moment, and paused to savor, then I hope this article can serve as a gentle reminder to do just that.


While I inch along—step by step, crutch by crutch—instead of feeling left behind while life passes me by, I’m realizing that the life that’s left when it’s pared down to the essentials is beautiful.

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